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Experience market freshness
Call to Reserve: +971800101101
Experience market freshness and the highest quality ingredients at Market Kitchen, where we search the world's top food markets to create dishes inspired by classic cuisine. From our restaurants in Bogota, Mexico City, Vancouver, and Doha, we feature our greatest hits: crispy tuna sashimi, black truffle pizza, and soy glazed beef short ribs. Interact with our Chefs at the counter while learning about the journey of our dynamic ingredients and start or end your evening up at the Attic for freshly mixed cocktails.
Market To Kitchen Fishes
Market To Kitchen
Take a chauffeured spin around Abu Dhabi's local farmer markets every Saturday and learn how to select the freshest produce with our expert chefs! The 4-hour food adventure includes visits to the fish souq as well as fruit & vegetable market with our chefs to select your lunch ingredients.
Cookery Tips
You will head back to Market Kitchen for a front-row seat as our experts prepare the food before your eyes, sharing first-rate cookery tips along the way. You'll pay for the produce you select from the markets and give the chefs what you think is the worth of the experience.
Available upon request
Market to Kitchen Recipes
Learn to cook exciting dishes from Market to Kitchen like a pro! Check out some recipes we have crafted.

Sautéed Calamari with Malaysian Chili